About Me


Heli Labadini’s “passion for fashion” started with the magazine she created “City Skonhet Mode” (City of Beautiful Fashion) in Stockholm, Sweden. Heli also opened “Taste Boutique” in Stockholm and traveled to the fashion shows in Milan, Paris, New York, and Munich to buy the beautiful designer clothes for her store. On one of her visits to the United States, she met Paul Labadini, fell in love, and married a year later.

Within days of getting married, she was lured to work by the manager of Hermes of Paris in Boston for 2 years. This opportunity gave Heli an understanding of the U.S market. Now she was eager to start her own business, again. So, she opened TASTE BOUTIQUE in Newburyport and on Newbury Street in Boston. Her Husband, Paul, has been involved in all of Heli’s endeavors assisting with his strong business background. He owned two businesses in Newburyport for almost 30 years.

After a few years, she followed her passion for the high-end designers that offer the best quality merchandise by opening VINTAGE TASTE in 2007.This enabled her to recycle the clothing, handbags, and accessories of all the highest designers in the world who represent timeless vintage.